what's in a name?

Bus Company Vetoes Shooting the President Film Logo

An Iowa photographer and Tea Party conservative named Dave Davidson makes a good chunk of his living photographing the many presidential candidates who campaign through his state every four years. So the title of his film Shooting the President is a double entendre, you see. He wanted to advertise this cleverly named work while participating in another documentary involving a bus tour,  according to the Des Moines Register. But for some reason, the bus company is not okay with him putting a big Shooting the President logo on its vehicle. Davidson cannot understand this: “It’s crazy – it’s just a metaphor,” he told the paper. “It’s Sept. 11 and we can’t say the word ‘shooting?’ Is that what we’ve come to? It’s the English language. The word has two meanings.” This documentary is going to be fantastic.

Bus Company Vetoes Shooting the President