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Catsimatidis Says Lhota Should Drop Out Because He’s Too Poor to Win

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

After Joe Lhota’s latest campaign finance report showed a modest haul in August, John Catsimatidis called on him to “end this charade of a race.” Lhota is walloping Catsimatidis in the polls, so he ignored that advice. But Cats expanded on his point on Monday at a Brooklyn kosher market, per Politicker: “The whole thing is, with $157,000 for the whole month of August, where the hell are you going? Where are you going?” “If he beats me, where is he going? What happens is he turns over the entire city to the Democrats because he doesn’t have a chance in hell in November.” Then he reportedly grabbed Politicker’s Ross Barkan and another reporter. “People love me. I love people. This is the difference between me and Joe. I go up to people and I hug them because that’s who I am.”

Catsimatidis: Lhota Is Too Poor to Win