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Ted Cruz Might Not Know How to Set Up a Chess Board

The offending board.

As a Harvard Law student, Ted Cruz declined to study with classmates who received their undergraduate degrees at schools other than Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, so it’s funny that he can’t pass the basic elitist test of setting up a chess board correctly. On Friday night, he tweeted a photo of the match he was playing with fellow Republican senator Mike Lee, apparently without realizing that the king and the queen had been placed on the wrong starting squares, as Business Insider’s Joseph Weisenthal first pointed out. (Remember, everyone: The queen takes her color.) While this may have been a clever acknowledgment of the backwards nature of the GOP’s doomed, government shutdowninducing plan to de-fund Obamacare, it seems likely that the explanation for his mistake is something much simpler.

Cruz Might Not Know How to Set Up a Chess Board