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Don’t Forget to Watch Tonight’s Moon Rocket Launch

The view from the Empire State Building if all goes well, courtesy of Orbital Sciences. Photo: Orbital Sciences

The caveat in much of the reporting so far on Friday’s launch of the unmanned Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer from NASA’s Wallops Island facility in Virginia is that it will be visible from much of the East Coast, “weather permitting.” Well, forecasts on both Weather Underground and the Weather Channel are for clear skies, so here’s hoping we’ll be able to see it.

New Yorkers will want to look south following the 11:27 p.m. launch, and the rocket carrying the LADEE probe should be visible about a minute after liftoff, according to Universe Today. has some maps as well as diagrams showing where best to watch the launch from various East Coast locations. For those who can’t see it in person, NASA will carry a live stream on its website. Happy stargazing!

Don’t Forget to Watch Tonight’s Moon Rocket