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Why Not Teach Bikram Yoga on the Subway Platform?

It smells bad enough down there already — might as well take advantage. Local stunt comedian the Fat Jew, a.k.a. New York Magazine tattoo guy, follows up his SoulCycle-on–Citi Bike clip with yoga classes at the Second Avenue F-train stop. The homeless people participating seem game, and the group is even courteous enough to stay out of the way. It’s like Yoga to the People, but less crowded.

The rate of return for people who do it the first time is like 100 percent,” the Fat Jew (real name Fabrizio Goldstein) told Daily Intelligencer, explaining that he really does teach these classes for exercise, not just comedy. “Anyone who thinks it’s exploitative is making a tremendous snap judgement,” he said. “There’s water, food, and everybody feels good. There’s no obligation to go and the people who do have the most killer time.”

Fat Jew Teaches Bikram Yoga in the Subway: Video