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Fran Lebowitz Destroys Mayor Bloomberg in Quip-Off

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

After NYC’s living, breathing, talking diamond Fran Lebowitz scoffed at Michael Bloomberg’s reputation as the “public health mayor” — “Smoking, soda, salt? That’s private health. And what could be more minute?” she riffed — he swung back with typical self-regard. “Oh, come on! Everybody loves it!” he said of his “nanny state,” in an interview with New York’s Chris Smith. “Fran Lebowitz is probably the only person whose life I haven’t saved.”

Lebowitz, though, prefers to have the last word: “Here’s how many lives he’s saved: zero,” she told the New York Times at Fashion Week. “He’s not a doctor, he’s not a fireman, he’s not a cop, he’s not a soldier.” She’s got a million of these.

Fran Lebowitz Beats Bloomberg in Quip-Off