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George Zimmerman’s Wife Filed for Divorce


George Zimmerman’s marriage was bad before he shot and killed an unarmed teenager. As his wife, Shellie, explained to ABC News last week, she was actually staying at her father’s house the night of the shooting after the couple had an argument. The months that followed — including Shellie’s arrest for perjury on behalf of her husband and his eventual acquittal in the most high-profile, polarizing murder case of the year — were not exactly ideal for mending a broken relationship.

After she took a plea deal for lying, without George by her side in court, Shellie said she was “going to have to think about” whether they’d stay together. She’s thought about it enough, apparently: Shellie went ahead and filed for divorce, ABC News reports.

George has been on a tear lately, speeding around Texas and Florida — armed — plus visiting the gun manufacturer that made his fatal weapon, a choice Shellie said she did not condone. Her husband, she said, “is doing and thinking things that none of us can understand right now.”

Future first dates are going to be awkward.

George Zimmerman’s Wife Filed for Divorce