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Eli Manning Loses Third Straight Manning Bowl, Is at Least Better Than Peyton at Bowling

Football: Peyton. Photo: CBS

Yesterday’s third and likely final Manning Bowl — Peyton said after the game that he plans on retiring before the Giants and Broncos are scheduled to meet in the regular season again in 2017 — ended just like the first two: With a win for Peyton Manning and an “aw, fiddlesticks” look on the face of Eli Manning. By the time the Broncos defeated the Giants 41–23, Eli boasted a league-leading seven interceptions and the Giants had rushed for a shockingly meager 23 yards, their lowest total since 1989. But at least Eli is better than his older brother at billiards and bowling and having a normal forehead. 

Eli Manning Will Never Beat Peyton at Football