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Victim of Apparent Hate Crime Wishes He Could Educate His Attackers

Prabhjot Singh. Photo: Columbia University/Courtesy shot

Displaying far more patience than anyone could expect from someone who suffered what appears to be a hate crime just two days ago, Columbia University professor Prabhjot Singh said on Monday that he’d like to educate those who broke his jaw while screaming, “Osama” and “terrorist.” Singh, a physician who has worked to stop hate crimes against Sikhs, said he’s thankful that three bystanders intervened to stop the attack by about two dozen young men on bikes in Harlem. Now he’s trying to take something positive from the incident, and break “this feedback cycle of turban-beard-terrorist.” “I think it’s pointless to ask what was going through their minds,” he said of his attackers. “I would ask them if they had any questions, if they knew what they were doing? Invite them where we worship. Get to know who we are and then share it with your friends.”

Hate Crime Victim Wants to Educate His Attackers