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Apparent Hate-Crime Victim Will Likely Die From Injuries

Photo: nicolecioenicolecioe/iStock

New York’s depressing year of apparent hate crimes continued Wednesday afternoon in Union Square, where a black man allegedly yelled, “I’m going to punch the first white man I see!” and proceeded to do just that. After making the racially charged statement, 31-year-old LaShawn Marten hit 69-year-old Jeffrey Babbitt in the face, causing him to fall backward and bang his head on the sidewalk, the New York Daily News reports. Marten then punched two unidentified men who came to Babbitt’s aid. Babbitt was taken to Bellevue and is now in a coma. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’ll wake up. “The prognosis is not good and it does appear that the victim will likely die,” said Manhattan Assistant DA John Temple on Thursday.

Hate-Crime Victim Will Likely Die From Injuries