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Bringing Heroin to Jury Duty Not a Fireable Offense for Teacher

Bags of heroin seized by the Thai narcotic police department are seen on display before being incinerated in Ayutthaya on September 17, 2011. Yingluck Shinawatra has announced the government will begin an urgent anti-drugs campaign. AFP PHOTO / Nicolas ASFOURI (Photo credit should read NICOLAS ASFOURI/AFP/Getty Images)

At least, it isn’t now. Though, Damian Esteban did lose his job after he brought eighteen bags of heroin with him to jury duty last year in a cigarette pack. The recovering addict says he grabbed the wrong backpack by mistake. But Esteban sued to stay employed, and on Thursday, a judge decided that the punishment was “excessive and shocking to this court’s sense of fairness.” Esteban now has his job back, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg is personally fuming over the decision. Big day!

Heroin at Jury Duty Not a Fireable Offense