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Homeless Man Really Wanted Good Samaritan to Get Hit by a Train

Photo: Scott Beale/

Kudos to the 19-year-old college kid who intervened last night when he saw a homeless man hitting a woman on the subway platform. But it went about as well as all of the other witnesses pretending not to see what was happening thought it would: Jered Harvey, who sounds very polite, was then punched in the face and thrown onto the tracks. “He was boxing me out,” the student told the Daily News of his terrifying time near the third rail. “I moved right, he moved right. I moved left, he moved left.” Harvey made it up to the platform before a train arrived, and then, for reasons unknown, the attacker just stood around until the police arrived and arrested him. This story sends mixed messages about getting involved in public disputes, so stick to whatever your original plan was going to be.

Homeless Man Pushed Good Kid Onto Tracks