Horse in Midtown Decides It Hates Carrying Around Tourists

Photo: DNAinfo/Garth Burton

Just in time to make it a larger issue in the mayoral election, a horse-drawn carriage flipped near Columbus Circle this morning, trapping the animal underneath. “It looked like the driver was having a fit. He was screaming. He couldn’t control the horse,” a witness told DNAinfo. “[He] grabbed the horse by the head. The horse was trying to get out. He was on his legs.” Bystanders eventually cut the harness and lifted the part where tourists pay too much to sit, freeing the beast.

The always vocal animal activists used the accident — far from the first — to repeat, “It demonstrates yet another reason why we need to get horse carriages off the streets of New York City.”

Both Bill de Blasio and Joe Lhota have promised to abolish the carriage industry if they become mayor, De Blasio for animal cruelty and Lhota because “the smell that they drop [in Central Park] is unfortunate.”

Horse Carriage Flips in Midtown Traffic