How Twitter Insiders Celebrated the Company’s Surprise IPO Announcement

This bird, so rich.

If you are a sentient life form with access to media of any kind, you may have heard that Twitter announced it had filed a confidential request with the SEC to go public.

Lots of people are excited about Twitter’s impending IPO. (Tech journalists, real-estate brokers in the Bay Area, Jack Dorsey’s mom.) But nobody is more pumped than the people who own Twitter stock and have only a matter of weeks left until it is convertible into cold, hard cash. And on Thursday, many Twitter insiders tried to keep their cool while still expressing their excitement over their forthcoming riches.

After the announcement, Twitter TV head Fred Graver went with the understated humblebrag.

Early Twitter investor Chris Sacca also went with the coy response to the bajillions of dollars he’s made off his Twitter investment.

Twitter’s “confidential IPO” filing was a pun in the making for Twitter for Websites lead Ben Ward, who just wanted a drink.

Twitter engineer Ryan King wasted no time breaking out the Champagne.

Early Twitter investor Bijan Sabet got sentimental about the old days of Twitter.

As did Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey.

Jack Dorsey’s proud mother, Marcia, may take the cake for the best response. This morning, she posted a photo of a newspaper clipping featuring her son. Proving, once and for all, that mothers are the best.

How Twitter Insiders Celebrated the IPO Filing