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Anthony Weiner’s Wife Didn’t Watch Him Vote for Himself Because She Was on the Phone

Photo: Pool/Getty Images

The long, sad Carlos Danger for Mayor campaign ends today. The man himself cast his vote this morning — presumably for Anthony Weiner, because why not? — in the company of his young son Jordan (who cried), with wife Huma Abedin nowhere to be seen. “Weiner says Huma, who was initially scheduled to vote with him today, had to jump on a call and couldn’t make it,” reports BuzzFeed’s Ruby Cramer. It must have been an important phone call. The Daily News adds that Abedin spent primary eve in D.C. at a fund-raiser for her boss, Hillary Clinton

Let’s dial down this whole ‘She was a big part of’ thing,” Weiner told Today this morning, on the subject of Huma. “This thing was always about me, always about the issues in the campaign, and frankly, it was also a lot about the mistakes I made in my personal life,” he said. “She is my wife, I love her deeply, but I’m the candidate.”

Here’s the candidate with his most loyal supporter:

Huma Abedin Did Not Vote With Anthony Weiner