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Rogue Mayoral Candidate Joe Lhota Repeatedly Flouts the Law On-Camera

During the course of an interview with the Daily News conducted entirely while peddling a Citi Bike, mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota brazenly flouted the laws of the very city he wishes to lead.

All right if we ride the wrong way down a one-way street?” he asks reporter Justin Rocket Silverman as they turn the corner against the direction of traffic. “You have an issue with that? Going wrong way down a one-way street? As long as you don’t write about it, that’s all.” 

A short while later in the video, at around 2:10, Lhota rolls through a red light.  

As of press time, the Lhota campaign had not responded to a question about whether Lhota feels he is above the law. 

Joe Lhota Broke the Law on a Citi Bike