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Morning Joe Kicks Off Bill de Blasio Fear-Mongering

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In the wake of last night’s primary, Joe Scarborough echoed the Bloomberg administration’s threat that a Bill de Blasio mayoral win would be “a u-turn back to the seventies.” Expect a lot of this in the next few months. “By the way, Mika,” Scarborough told his Morning Joe co-host, “about two years in you’re going to wish Bloomberg had a fourth term. New Yorkers have taken for granted what has happened in this city since 1993,” he said. “You had all of these limousine liberals … who secretly voted for Giuliani because they liked going downtown without getting beaten up.”

I agree with you!” said Mika, when she could squeeze a word in. Scarborough then compared New York City to Sarajevo. “We’re going to see a brand-new world,” he said. And yes, his taxes may go up a bit.

Joe Scarborough Not a Fan of Bill de Blasio