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$400,000 Lamborghini Torn Apart in Brooklyn Crash

Photo: Youtube

A white Lamborghini Aventador, which retails for about $404,000, was split in half over the weekend in Brooklyn. A Redditor reports that the crash occurred in Mill Basin when what appeared to be a lowly Mazda turned into the luxury vehicle, which was “approaching obviously at a high rate of speed.” Somehow, “the driver of the lambo was walking around like nothing happen!” The impact was caught on video, and it’s pretty insane.

Via Jalopnik:

The safety cell of the Aventador, for its part, did what it was supposed to do and reduced the energy of the accident by separating itself from the rest of the car,” says the car blog. “That’s probably less comforting when you see the bill for reconnecting it.” Here’s the aftermath:

Photo: nunii/Reddit
$400K Lamborghini Aventador Torn in Half: Video