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Latest 911 Delay Sounds Like a Botched Delivery Order

Unlike the technical glitches that have been plaguing the city’s 911 system in recent months, it appears a 40-minute delay as an ambulance tried to reach a Brooklyn school when a boy hit his head on Friday was caused by bad directions. The location was confusing — adjacent to the BQE and easy to miss, NY1 reports. When 911 tried to call the school principal back after the ambulance went to the wrong corner, she didn’t hear her phone. “At some point, the fire department says that the ambulance gave up.” But then after many more calls, two ambulances finally arrived and took the concussion victim to the hospital, where he survived. This would be less frustrating if it wasn’t possible to pull up the correct location on Google Maps in literally one second.

Latest 911 Delay Sounds Like a Botched Delivery