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Raymond Felton Refuses to Refer to Metta World Peace As Metta World Peace

In this official team-produced video, Knicks players are asked how they’ll refer to their new oddly monikered teammate Metta World Peace, who went by the normal human name of Ron Artest until 2011. Some players had very intense opinions on the subject.

Ron. Ron Artest. That’s what I’m gonna call him,” says Knicks starting point guard Raymond Felton. “I already told him that. I’m not gonna call him Metta, I’m not gonna call him Peace, I’m gonna call him Ron.” 

Some Knicks said they would probably stick with “Ron” out of habit, while others were fine with Metta or Peace or whatever. Iman Shumpert, for reasons unclear, is going with “Duct Tape.”

Luckily, World Peace doesn’t really care either way. “I’ll respond to any name,” he says. Duct Tape it is. 

Metta World Peace Fine With Any Name