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New York City Opera’s Fund-Raising Drive Is Not Going Well

With a bit more than a day to go before it expires, the Kickstarter to fund New York City Opera has hit barely more than a quarter of its $1 million goal. The company entered the weekend having raised less than a quarter of the $7 million it says it needs in total to keep going after the end of this month, according to the New York Times. And it’s apparently pursuing a donor known to have stiffed the Metropolitan Opera in the recent past, according to Gawker. The opera company “has said that it has raised $1.5 million outside of Kickstarter,” the Los Angeles Times reports, but that’s still very short of the $7 million. “City Opera’s board voted on Thursday to begin filing for bankruptcy and start dismantling itself if that goal was not met by Monday,” the Times reports. So short of a very rich opera fan swooping in at the last minute, City Opera sadly appears doomed.

NYC Opera’s Fund-Raising Drive Not Going Well