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O’Donnell Berates Weiner in Epically Awkward Interview

Maybe it’s because he can be combative and a bit surly himself, but people seem to love laying into Anthony Weiner. Often it’s hecklers at his campaign stops, but on Monday night it was MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, who began his interview with Weiner with the question: “What is wrong with you?” O’Donnell did not elaborate, so Weiner took a few PR-friendly guesses. (“That I care so much about the issues that I fight for?”) But no, O’Donnell said he wanted Weiner to explain what in his psyche made him so “desperately” seek elected office. And they went on like that, O’Donnell yelling at Weiner for … something, and Weiner trying to deflect what legitimately was more of a lecture than an interview. Until Weiner had had it. “Chillax, buddy, just dial it back,” he demanded of O’Donnell.

That’s the point (about 5:40 in the video below) from which to watch for the best taste of what was billed as Anthony Weiner’s last television appearance before the primary vote. “This can’t be good TV for anybody,” Weiner said. Well, he’s wrong there, but surely he knows that. It seems pretty clear at this point the guy’s going to be no stranger to the television studio after this election.

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Weiner did take O’Donnell up on his offer to extend the interview online, where they talked for eight more minutes, if you actually want to hear Weiner’s serious answer:

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O’Donnell Berates Weiner in Epic Interview