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Soho House Murderer Nick Brooks Gets Maximum Penalty

Sylvie Cachay==DOM PERIGNON PARTY To Close NY Fashion Week with a Tribute to Andy Warhol==Villa Pacri, NYC==September 16, 2010==?Patrick - PATRICK MCMULLAN/

Before Nick Brooks received the maximum sentence of 25 years to life in prison for murdering his girlfriend, Sylvia Cachay, in a bathtub at Soho House in 2010, he faced her father, who called him “an animal” and “a sewer rat,” and her mother, who recalled applying makeup to her daughter’s face as she lay in her coffin. Brooks, the son of Grammy-winning composer Joseph Brooks, had asked for the minimum sentence of fifteen years, saying he could be reformed. But the judge obviously disagreed, saying he had “squandered his privileged background.”

Soho House Murderer Gets Maximum Penalty