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Sunset Park Man Fatally Stabbed by Neighborhood ‘Kook’

A 22-year-old Brooklyn man died at Lutheran Medical Center of stab wounds sustained in an altercation with a “deranged man” in Sunset Park Sunday afternoon. According to the New York Daily News, “Giovanni Rodriguez was on the corner of 57th St. and 4th Ave. in Sunset Park around 4:20 p.m. when a 60-year-old man – known in the area as a kook – started taunting him.”  Rodriguez got closer, not realizing that the man had a knife hidden in his sweater. “Gio got too close and the old man stabbed him again and again. He dropped quick,” said a witness. “He was on the floor bleeding from his stomach. He was white.” Though another man jumped in to help, the assailant slashed the good Samaritan in the hand. He then fled down the street, and police say he’s still at large.

Sunset Park Man Stabbed by Neighborhood ‘Kook’