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Man Waking Up From Surgery Stunned by His Hot Wife

A man coming out of his hernia surgery and still under the influence of anesthesia was talking to a lady next to his bed when he realized just how hot she was. 

Man, you are eye candy,” he says, cracker in hand. “WHOA. You may be the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen. Are you a model?”

Then he found out who she was: his wife of six years. 

“You’re my wife?” he says, his voice cracking. “Holy shit. Dang.” He goes on like this for a while. “Oh my God, I hit the jackpot!”

Considering the range of possible reactions — You’re my wife? Oh … — this is literally the best one the wife could have ever hoped for. She’s definitely going to spike his drinks with anesthesia on the reg from now on. 

Man Waking From Surgery Stunned by Hot Wife