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Sydney Leathers Determined to Make Primary Night More Miserable for Anthony Weiner

Weinergate 2.0 may get an appropriately humiliating ending, as Sydney Leathers has made it her mission to meet Carlos Danger in person for the first time tonight. His former sexting partner showed up outside Weiner campaign headquarters this afternoon with a “Don’t Vote Weiner” sign, but the candidate managed to evade her with a quick schedule change. Leathers may prove harder to avoid now that she’s crashed his Primary Night party. According to BuzzFeed’s Ruby Cramer, she “Came & left but is expected to come back to try to ‘confront’ AW.” And to make matters worse, Business Insider reports she’s with Adam Barta, a man known for making music videos featuring the likes of Octomom and Tan Mom.

The press outside the Weiner event was all over the pair, and Leathers claims it won’t be the last time. As she says of her fame in the Vine below, “It’s going to be a lot more than 15 minutes.”

Leathers told the Daily News that her aim is to shame Weiner, and experience the fruits of her labor. “I know he’s gonna lose. I just felt like I needed to be here for that. Because I caused it,” she explained.

She does have one concern: running into Huma Abedin. “Oh my God, what if she’s with him?” Leathers mused. “I would be humiliated. So that’s the part that upsets me more than anything … I feel bad for myself. I feel sorrier for her.” While it’s usually a safe bet that a candidate’s spouse will be by their side on primary night, we’re guessing that Abedin just got a very important phone call that could have her tied up all night.

Sydney Leathers to Confront Weiner Tonight