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Weiner Doesn’t Regret Running, Has Big TV-Watching Plans

Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Anthony Weiner’s campaign came full circle on Wednesday, with another introspective New York Times interview (technically the piece is about all the scandal-plagued candidates defeated in New York City’s primary, but only Weiner came to the phone). “It isn’t clear the citizens wanted to forgive me,” he told the paper while catching a cab into Midtown, adding that his past misdeeds made it hard to keep his campaign focused on the issues. “Maybe I’m kidding myself that it was ever going to happen,” he mused. Weiner said he doesn’t regret running, but “I regret the decisions that I made while running, to some degree.” (Not mentioning his sexting relapse earlier? The Huma press conference? The Caribbean accent? He didn’t elaborate.) So far, his only plans for the future are to watch a Mets game and catch up on Breaking Bad.

Weiner Doesn’t Regret Run, Plans to Watch TV