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What Did Tina Brown and Huma Abedin ‘Power Lunch’ About?

On Friday afternoon, Tina Brown and Huma Abedin met up at SoHo’s Lure Fishbar for what the New York Post labeled a “power lunch.” (The person who saw the pair went with “serious business lunch.”) What could they have discussed? Brown once suggested that Abedin run for mayor, but that unlikely ship has sailed. Maybe Brown was trying to convince the public speakingaverse Abedin to appear at one of the Women in the World conferences she’ll be focusing on once she actually leaves the Daily Beast. Or perhaps they were making arrangements for Brown to follow through on her 2012 vow in New York to “hike across America” for Hillary Clinton’s increasingly likely 2016 campaign. Or maybe the Post’s tipster was mistaken, and the two were just sitting down together to say “good riddance” to the last few months, which were pretty crappy for both of them.

What Did Brown and Abedin ‘Power Lunch’ About?