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When the Feds Knock, Best to Hide the AK-47

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Courtsey shot

Whatever the punishment was going to be for Michael Orthodox, who skipped a sentencing hearing Thursday for using cocaine while on probation, it’s so much worse now that cops tracked him down to an apartment full of guns, disguises, and fake law enforcement gear. When U.S. Marshals arrived at his door in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park, they found an AK-47 and 100 rounds of ammo on the table and Orthodox trying to flee out the back, the New York Daily News reports. “Also recovered were jet-black morph-masks, sun visors with wigs attached, handcuffs and fake federal badges.” Now police are investigating him as part of an Albanian crew suspected of robbing drug dealers. All because of a missed court date. This is why, when you’re into heavier stuff, you follow the small rules, like using turn signals while driving with a body in the trunk.