Fact Check: Is a ‘Dangerous’ Asteroid ‘Seriously’ Heading Toward Earth?

Photo: Touchstone Pictures; New York Post

New York Post: “A large asteroid has been discovered zipping past Earth that astronomers say is dangerous and will return on August 26, 2032.”

Russian vice-premier and space researcher Dmitry Rogozin: “A 400-metre asteroid is threatening to blow up the Earth.”

NASA: “Newly discovered asteroid 2013 TV135 made a close approach to Earth on Sept. 16, when it came within about 4.2 million miles … NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program Office states the probability this asteroid could then impact Earth is only one in 63,000 … that puts the current probability of no impact in 2032 at about 99.998 percent.”

Verdict: Probably not!

Is a Giant Asteroid Really Heading Toward Earth?