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Disgruntled Mets Fan Arrested for Futile Twitter Threats

Photo: West Haven Police

A 42-year-old Connecticut man was charged yesterday with threatening and breach of peace for his ongoing harassment of New York Mets players, coaches, and girlfriends. Aryn Leroux — better known as “notorious Twitter troll” @danXtanna (bio: “70’s & 80’s TV Junkie + Horror Movie Buff + Queen-Rush-Stryper Mets-Cowboys-Celtics-Rangers-Uconn”) — allegedly made a “specific threat” against Citi Field, while also encouraging Mets fans to go Friday the 13th on the team’s management. While his account has been deleted, some old messages live on: “being a die hard fan is speaking honestly about your bloody team,” @danXtanna wrote. “it does not mean waiving pom poms at every second of the day #mets.” The most loyal Mets fans are not likely to blame him for snapping.

Angry Mets Fan Arrested for Twitter Threats