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Jewish Wedding Video Filled With Anti-Semitic, Pro-Hitler Director’s Commentary

When a London bride disappointed in her sloppy wedding film requested the raw footage, the outtakes proved to be far worse. Videographer Anthony Aurelius can be heard casually spewing bile about how Jewish women may be “beautiful to look at” but are actually “fucking cows … very fucking snooty,” and so on. Jews think “they’re better than everybody else because they’re from Israel,” he says. “They’ve never been respected anyway, these people, and they’ve never respected themselves.” It carries across scenes and, presumably, hours.

“Mental, Israeli dancing, isn’t it?” he asks his assistant at the reception. “There’s a real feeling of, like, they’re better than everybody else. Jewish.” The assistant chimes in, “That’s why Holocaust [sic],” to which Aurelius responds, “I don’t think I blame Hitler.”

His apology is almost as bad. “I am very sorry for our stupid, childish conversation,” he wrote in an e-mail to the bride, according to the Jewish Chronicle. “We know, in truth, very little about what went on in the war. To be deeply honest, I respect your strength as a culture from coming back from this.” Yes, surely the problem here is a lack of knowledge about World War II, not chronic assholism.

Anti-Semitic Rant Included in Wedding Video