Banksy Put a Nazi Painting in a Thrift Shop for Charity

Photo: Banksy

Street-art rainmaker Banksy’s third-to-last day in New York found his work popping up in a Housing Works on East 23rd Street. Because this is Banksy, there’s a twist! It’s a Nazi. “A thrift store painting vandalised then re-donated to the thrift store,” in the artist’s words, The banality of the banality of evil is an “oil on oil on canvas.” All of a sudden, it’s also extremely valuable.

Gothamist reports that the original painting sold for $50 a few months back and just reappeared (“It’s been there since this morning, no one noticed it,” said a manager). Housing Works, which donates proceeds to combat homelessness and AIDS, will auction off the painting at a starting price of $76,000. Whether or not this was the plan all along, we’re into it.

Photo: Banksy
Banksy Put a Nazi Painting in a Thrift Shop