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De Blasio Campaign Upset That Reporter Read Something De Blasio Tweeted [Updated]

Until today — mostly thanks to nobody really caring — it was not known publicly where 19-year-old Chiara de Blasio went to college. Gawker asked the De Blasio campaign but didn’t hear back, indicating that this was one family detail the De Blasio campaign wished to remain secret.

But Gawker figured it out this morning with help from this blog. And as New York Times reporter Kate Taylor discovered, the information was tweeted out by Bill de Blasio himself in September of 2012. Bizarrely, De Blasio’s campaign manager, Bill Hyers, took offense to Taylor stooping so low as to … read the information that Bill de Blasio shared with the world on Twitter:

And that’s your weird Twitter beef of the day. 

Update 6:12 p.m.: Hyers elaborates:

(a) We doubt Kate Taylor spent the day on this.

(b) During this “different time,” De Blasio was already unofficially running for mayor. It’s not like the tweet is from 1997. 

(c) If the De Blasio campaign was that concerned about people seeing De Blasio’s old tweets, it should probably have deleted them.

De Blasio Campaign Mad That Reporter Read Tweet