Delia Ephron Cannot Stand How Blue Citi Bikes Are

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Long after most Citi Bike opponents got it out of their system, Delia Ephron has some opinions to share on the not-so-new-anymore program, mostly concerning its color scheme rather than its safety or effectiveness. The lack of safety, in the world of Ephron’s New York Times op-ed, is a given. You will have your leg broken by someone on a short-term rented bike, she predicts, and that “Day-Glo cobalt blue” color will come to haunt you as it already haunts her. “Nobody wears this color. Nobody paints his or her apartment this color. This blue is bank blue.”

Ephron’s got a point about the bikes essentially being attention-grabbing advertisements for an already seemingly omnipresent corporation. But her assertion that bikes of that color naturally bring chaos and injury comes with zero actual information. She just knows how these things go: Passing bikes “possibly knocking you down, definitely pulling your focus.” Basically, your day and possibly your life will be ruined every time you see a Citi Bike. You’ve been warned.

Delia Ephron Can’t Stand How Blue Citi Bikes Are