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First Change of Washington Post’s Bezos Era: More Woodward

US journalist Bob Woodward takes part in the TV show
Photo: Miguel MedinaMIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images

All we really know about how Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will run the Washington Post is that he’ll be an adviser “from a distance,” and hopes to see a “new golden era.” The first concrete change involves reaching back to the paper’s last golden age. While Bob Woodward has been more focused on writing books of late, the Huffington Post reports he’s been spotted more frequently around the office and in the paper itself. “I’ve known him for years,” Woodward said of Bezos. “I think he’s really serious. I think those of us who have been around, like myself, and have clearly benefited from our association with the Post, we want to redouble, triple our efforts.” For the legendary journalists, that meant presenting Bezos with a fourteen-point memo on the paper’s future, and chatting with him about it over breakfast. The Post is still paying Woodward $25 a month (after he requested salary of $1 a year), so if he suddenly disappears to write a book on any of the Obama administration’s recent crises, Bezos can’t really say anything.

First Change of Bezos Era: More Woodward