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Fox & Friends Spreading Misinformation About Animals Now

Contrary to this Fox & Friends chyron, the bald eagle was never “extinct.” It was almost extinct, but there’s obviously a huge difference. (The only thing that be can done when an animal is totally extinct? Go through its clothes and look for loose change.) We have no idea what happened during the rest of this segment, but knowing Fox & Friends, it was probably this:

Brian Kilmeade: And is it true that bald eagles are known to wear toupees?

Animal Expert: Uh …

Steve Doocy: Now this “bird of pray,” as you call it — it prays to Jesus, right? 

Animal Expert: Well actually 

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Does he get royalties for being on the presidential seal?

Animal Expert: What is wrong with you people?

[Kilmeade spills coffee on the bald eagle]

Fox & Friends Kills Off the Bald Eagle