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Fox & Friends Host Assumes Hispanic Co-Worker Is Taco Expert

Murphy’s Law famously states that “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” But many are unaware of the lesser-known corollary to Murphy’s Law, known as Fox & Friends Law, which states that “anything that can be derped on Fox & Friends, will be derped.” Consequently, from the moment it was decided to pair the hosts of Fox & Friends with Hispanic meteorologist Maria Molina for a segment on National Taco Day this morning, the derp was inevitable.

It was inevitable that Steve Doocy would pause from stuffing his face to chide, “She did not grow — she’s Colombian.”

It was inevitable that Molina would inform both hosts that she was Nicaraguan and tacos are not a Nicaraguan food.

And it was inevitable that Elisabeth Hasselbeck would chime in, “But if you did — if you did grow up on tacos …”

Such are the laws of the physical universe.

Fox Host Assumes Hispanic Is Taco Expert