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Fox News Has the Biggest Computers on Cable, for Facts and Stuff

In the future, Shepard Smith will control an army of news bots who work 24 hours a day to prove Obama is a Muslim. The future is now: As the new editor of the breaking-news division, Smith will lord over what he’s referring to as “information specialists” — reporters, maybe, kind of, in Fox News speak — and their comically oversize computing machines called BATs, “big area touchscreens.” Smith touring the new studio, the Fox News Deck, is like an episode of Cribs from our dystopian nightmare.

The specialists, he explains, will use the megatablet BATs “to try to make sure that things are vetted and confirmed to the degree that we can.”

News pops in when news breaks,” Smith adds. “That’s sort of the nature of news.” He would know.

Fox News Debuts Giant Computers for Finding News