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Sean Hannity Sounds Pretty Disappointed That Anthony Weiner Doesn’t Hate Him

About three minutes and twenty seconds into Anthony Weiner’s latest Fox News appearance, Sean Hannity asked him the question that was clearly foremost on his mind: What about the time Sydney Leathers came on the show and said Hannity was the conservative voice Weiner hated most? What about that? Weiner, already sneering and exasperatedly averting his eyes after repeatedly deflecting questions about his sexting scandal, gave Hannity the answer he seemingly did not want to hear. “Hate you? No, I don’t hate you.” A quiet “Oh, that’s not true?” fell from Hannity’s lips.

Weiner, who has been on this ride before, also looked disappointed because he genuinely seemed to think he had been invited on to discuss the debt ceiling and the government shutdown. Has he learned nothing from his past experiences?

Hannity Disappointed Weiner Doesn’t Hate Him