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Jets Fan and the Lady He Punched and Her Two Friends All Charged in Stadium Fight

Simple assault and disorderly conduct charges for everybody! That’s the decision by law enforcement today, two days after a burly Jets fan slugged a decidedly less burly female Patriots fan in the face in a post-game melee that was caught on video by multiple bystanders. Kurt Paschke (the Jets fan), Jaclyn Nugent (the woman he punched in the face), and Nugent’s two friends were all hit with the same charges stemming from the fight. Police say the Patriots crew were the aggressors, and Paschke’s dad, agreeing, lamented that people don’t have enough tolerance for punching women in the face these days. “I’m tired of hearing about you never hit a girl in the face or you never punch a girl,” says Paschke’s dad. “If three girls are attacking you, someone can come up with a reasonable recourse that he had, I’ll be glad to listen to it.” (It was two girls and a short guy, but maybe his phrasing was intentional.)

Jets Fan and Lady He Punched Charged in Fight