Support for Weed Legalization Outpacing Support for Gay Marriage

Andrew Sullivan wrote something about the marriage-equality effort a couple of years ago that stuck with us, not because he was expressing a particularly new or novel thought, but simply owing to the succinct way he put it: “I’m proud to say it must represent one of the most successful political, social and cultural movements in history,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan was obviously right, as anyone who has kept an eye on those swiftly “evolving” marriage-equality polling graphs (which, awesomely, happened to look a lot like a penis at one point) would agree. However, a new Gallup poll today pegging support for marijuana legalization at an all-time high of 58 percent is a reminder that the stoner-rights movement has been just as successful over the past two decades — if not in terms of material changes to the law, then at least in shaping beliefs. We plotted both Gallup poll trends together on a single graph, and they’re nearly identical. Who will hit 60 first? 70? It’s enough to give a libertarian a boner. 

Support for Legal Weed Outpaces Gay Marriage