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New York Actually Managed to Insure Some People Under Obamacare

Because we live in one of the sixteen states that set up its own healthcare exchange as an alternative to the federal government’s, New Yorkers haven’t had to use the notoriously buggy Instead, we use something called New York State of Health, which actually works, according to the New York State Health Department. New York’s healthcare market is not without its problems: The “thousands” (it wouldn’t say exactly how many) of completed, approved applications the state has sent to insurers are fewer than it would have liked, and missed the state’s self-imposed deadline. But we’re still doing better than the national site, per Daily Politics. “As of this morning, nearly 150,000 New Yorkers have completed the application process and deemed eligible — a total representing about 30% of the total US number, a state health official said.” So we’ve got that going for us.

New York Actually Insured People Under Obamacare