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New York Insurance Navigators Included a Car Service, Cupcake Maker

Yes, the State of New York has a slightly better track record at signing people up for health insurance through its New York State of Health insurance exchange than does the federal government with But that does not mean our site doesn’t have some wacky bugs. DNAinfo notes that a list of so-called navigators, who are supposed to help guide hapless applicants through the process, included a car service (APEX Car & Limo, Inc, at 579 Smith St.), a cupcake shop (Brooklyn Cupcake), and an organization called African Services, which serves immigrants who are largely ineligible for the exchange. Apparently the state published a list its contractor sent as a stopgap, not realizing it wasn’t a final list. “I didn’t think this list was going to be public,” said a program manager with the state’s contractor. But at least as of Tuesday, it still was.

New York Health Navigators Included Car Service