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New York Post to Face Raunchy Ex-Employee Harassment Claims in Court

Claims by former editor Sandra Guzman that she was fired for opposing an arguably racist political cartoon — compounded by accusations that Post editor Col Allan showed her a photo of a naked man, “rubbed his penis” on a female colleague, and much more — will be heard in court after all. After years of moves to dismiss by the paper, a judge decided today, “The record here contains sufficient evidence of harassment to create triable questions of fact on Ms. Guzman’s hostile work environment claims on the basis of sex, race and national origin … Plaintiff has adduced sufficient evidence to raise an issue of fact about the adequacy of her complaints of sexual harassment. For all of these reasons, her claims of sexual harassment raise sufficient issues of fact that a reasonable jury could find in her favor.” The tabloid would love to cover this trial if not for, well, you know.

New York Post to Face Harassment Trial