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Nobody Puts Pamela Geller in a Corner

Noted subway-uglifier Pamela Geller has a new target for one of her terrible ad campaigns: The “communist” Bill de Blasio, and his horrifying proposal to stop the NYPD from spying on Muslims without evidence of a crime. The new ads, set to go up in the week before the election, accuse de Blasio of essentially partnering with terrorists to turn New York into a communist hellscape. But as Geller’s blog reveals, her real beef isn’t with “red” Bill de Blasio, but with the news media who refused to cover her idiotic campaign.

Said Geller in a statement: “We held a press conference Thursday that was widely announced to expose the subversive, seditious and Communist candidate for New York mayor, arguably a job that is second in importance only to that of President of the United States. We exposed the Marxist and terrorist ties of Warren Wilhelm, aka Bill de Blasio.”

The media had been advised of this press conference repeatedly over the last several weeks. “However,” Geller continued, “No media was present. If a Soros-funded group like Media Matters or the Center for American Progress had announced that it was holding a press conference to expose Joe Lhota, there would have been a stampede.”

That’s the liberal media for you, always ignoring the voice of reason.