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Toronto Police Have the Video of Rob Ford Smoking Crack

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford tells to the media to get off his property as he leaves his home in Toronto on Thursday, Oct. 31, 2013. A judge on Wednesday ordered the release of police documents in the drug case against a friend of Ford. Peter Jacobsen, a lawyer for various Canadian news organizations that pushed to release the records, said the case against Alexander Lisi involves the mayor. (AP Photo/, Nathan Denette)
Rob Ford yelling at reporters, possibly while high on crack. Photo: Nathan Denette/Corbis

Six months after Gawker and the Toronto Star reported on the existence of a video showing Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack, the video has finally turned up — in the hands of the Toronto police. Police Chief Bill Blair announced this morning that a months-long investigation by his department recovered the infamous clip, as well as at least one other “relevant” video. They will one day be shown in court, and it will be a glorious day, and there will be much rejoicing throughout the Internet. 

Although Blair could not reveal all the details of the investigation’s findings, Ford’s drug-dealer friend Alexandra Sandro Lisi has been charged with extortion, and Ford, as of now, has not been charged with anything. But Ford, who has maintained throughout the controversy that no video exists, still seems incredibly screwed. This morning, outside his home, he was not taking the newest developments well. 

Even in the worst of times, Canadians can’t help but say thank you

Toronto Police Have Rob Ford Crack Video