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Someone Cut Off Ronald Reagan’s Arm

In this Oct. 1, 2013 photo passersbys are seen looking at a former president Ronald Reagan statue with a severed arm in a park in Gdansk, Poland. The bronze statue is a larger than life rendering of Reagan and the Polish born Pope John Paul II, inspired by an AP photograph taken by Scott Stewart during John Paul's visit to the US in 1987 and honor's Reagan's support for Poland's struggle to end communism. The police are searching for the vandal who cut the arm off. (AP Photo/Mateusz Ochocki)
The pope was last seen with Reagan, is the primary suspect. Photo: Mateusz Ochocki

The shutdown extended even to Gdansk, Poland, on Wednesday, where the left arm of a Ronald Reagan statue was removed as part of the federal downsizing effort. 

Seriously, though, someone chopped off Reagan’s arm, and nobody knows why.