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Sarah Palin Loves the Fainting-Woman Conspiracy Theory


Whether accurate or not, for some reason I found this hilarious!” professional troll Sarah Palin writes on Facebook, referring to a video that purports to unmask a recent near-fainting incident at an Obama speech as a highly coordinated conspiracy. “Am I out of bounds for cracking up when I saw this take on a nauseated Obama fan, her absentminded pal, and our President’s heroics this week?”

Palin hedges on the video’s accuracy — maybe Obama and a pregnant lady and another lady and someone in the audience decided to perform a fake fainting incident for absolutely no reason, maybe they didn’t — but her supporters are less uncertain. Out of the first 100 people to comment on the Facebook post, 58 agreed that the moment was staged, most of the others just praised Palin or offered a generic Obama insult, and zero suggested that this entire conspiracy theory sounds batshit crazy. 

Palin Loves the Fainting-Woman Conspiracy Theory