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Time Warner Will Carry Al Jazeera America After All

Al Jazeera America employees in the network's offices in New York, May 24, 2013. To counter skepticism about its Al Jazeera America cable channel, the Qatar-based network is building a sizable news organization to cover the U.S. (Chang W. Lee/The New York Times)
Photo: Chang W. LeeCHANG W LEE/The New York Times/Redux? The New York Times

Almost as soon as Al Jazeera announced it would be buying Current TV last January, Time Warner Cable dropped the network from its lineup. But now the cable provider says it will start carrying the fledgling network in New York and Los Angeles this year, and will add it to the rest of its markets by March of next year. With ratings around 25,000 viewers at any time that’s good news for the news network, but according to the New York Times, AJA might not exactly have gotten a bargain in the deal. Al Jazeera had wanted to receive a per-subscriber fee, but it’s probably going to have to pay Time Warner for the privilege instead. It’s the first distribution deal Al Jazeera has made since its launch, though, and every little bit helps when you’re new.

Time Warner Will Carry Al Jazeera America